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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 60/100 offer ?

This offer consists of a fixed proportion of the purchase price of electricity for your own use to the repurchase price of the surplus electricity produced. That is, we will always buy energy from you (100% of your surplus energy) at a price covering 60% of the price you pay when you take energy from the grid. This allows you to maintain favourable business conditions, despite changes in energy prices.


How will I get information about the amount of electricity sold?

After the end of a given month each micro-installation producer will receive at the indicated e-mail address information with the amount of electricity sold to Energia Polska

What is surplus energy?

The surplus is the amount of energy that has not been used in a given hour, thus entering the power grid.

Does Energia Polska install two-way energy meters?

Ordering the meter installation and performing this process is handled by the local Distribution System Operator.

I have completed the installation of my microinstallation, what are the next steps?

At least 30 days before planned start-up of the micro-installation apply to the local Distribution System Operator (DSO) in order to complete all formalities. In the next step contact us in order to conclude the repurchase agreement.

Can I sell surplus power from RES installations?

Yes, please email or contact us via Chat on our website and indicate the source of the generation, the capacity of the installation, the start-up date/planned contract date – in order to prepare an individual offer.

What is a micro-installation?

It is a renewable energy source (RES) electricity generation installation with a total installed capacity not exceeding 50 kW.