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Frequently Asked Questions

When will you consider my complaint?

All inquiries and complaints go directly to our Customer Service Office, which will promptly handle your case. Sometimes, the issue may require longer verification and contact, for example with your Operator, so we have 14 days to consider it. During this time, we will provide you with a response.

Will anything change in my bills after switching the seller to your company?

Yes, changing the seller to our company means that Energia Polska Sp. z o.o. will be the invoice issuer, thus the company settling the energy consumed by you will change, and consequently, your individual payment account number will change (check the Payment section for details). After starting the contract, you will only receive invoices for the consumed energy from us, while the local Distribution System Operator will invoice distribution services.

Where can I check my electricity consumption? Do I qualify for the price “freezing”?

You can check your energy consumption on paper invoices or on your account in the e-BOK system. Your electricity consumption can be found on your settlement invoices, in the table under the “quantity” column for “all-day electricity.” Based on the period covered on the invoice, you can calculate the annual actual consumption. This allows you to check if it fits within the appropriate “frozen” energy limit.

Please note that the freezing applies to several customer groups:

up to 1,500 kilowatt-hours annually for all households,
up to 1,800 kilowatt-hours annually for households with disabled persons, those assessed as unable to work, or with a disability group,
up to 2,000 kilowatt-hours for families with a Large Family Card and farmers.

Excess beyond the limit will be settled without the “freezing” of prices.

If you are looking for information on electricity price limits for businesses and the “local government sector,” declaration templates for businesses, or details of the law, please refer to official government communications.

Where can I find the customer number?

The customer number is on each invoice under the recipient’s details.

What is the difference between a seller and a distributor?

The distributor has its distribution network, including cables, transformers, and consumption meters. Its main tasks include expanding and developing distribution networks, as well as their repairs, maintenance, and operation. The distributor operates locally depending on the region of Poland, and there is no possibility to change it. The seller, on the other hand, is an intermediary who uses the distributor’s infrastructure and is responsible for delivering electricity directly to the end consumer, and his tasks include settling the consumed energy. The sale of energy is not subject to territorial restrictions, so you can choose any company offering this service from which you want to purchase energy. Both the seller and the distributor invoice for this service they provide, so you are obligated to pay both the sales and distribution invoices for electricity.

How long does it take to change the seller?

The minimum time to report a change of seller is 21 days in advance – we, as the seller, must observe this deadline to report your contract to the Operator, and it is an unalterable deadline. However, it is necessary to consider additional time for signing the contract, verifying it, and delivering it to our company. An important aspect is also the notice period for your current supplier’s contract, so that changing the seller does not entail any additional costs for you.

Will my electricity be disconnected while changing suppliers?

No. Changing suppliers is safe and occurs without interruptions to the electricity supply, as it does not require changing the installation or meter.

Do I need to personally cancel my contract with my current supplier if I enter into a contract with your company?

Canceling the contract with the previous supplier aims to protect your situation and ensure that the contract is terminated in accordance with the provisions of the agreement you have with that supplier and the General Terms and Conditions, which guarantees, for example, no additional costs for its early termination. You can cancel this contract on your own; however, by granting us a power of attorney when entering into a contract with our company, we will take care of all the formalities on your behalf, including those related to properly terminating with your current supplier.

Where can I find information about my tariff group, PPE code, and meter number?

You can find these details in your electricity sale contract, on sale and distribution invoices, and in your account on the E-BOK platform under the Contracts section. After selecting the contract number, go to the Active contract elements tab.

If I enter into a contract with you, will you handle all the formalities on my behalf?

Certainly, based on the power of attorney given to us when signing the contract, we will conduct the entire process of changing suppliers on your behalf – we will terminate your current contract and make the change of supplier notification. Thanks to the power of attorney, we will also be able to file complaints with the Distribution System Operator or make data changes on your behalf if such a need is communicated to us.

Is changing suppliers free?

Yes, the process of changing suppliers is free of any charges.

What documents are required to enter into a contract for a new connection? If I am building a house and want to connect it to electricity, can I sign a contract with you for the construction of a new electrical connection?

To enter into and fulfill a contract for the sale of energy for your location with a new connection, the following are required:

  • A document confirming your legal title to use the property in question (e.g., notarial deed),
  • A schematic of your installation/network connection to the OSD network (for A, B, C2x tariff applications) – Technical Data Sheet,
  • Connection conditions / declaration of readiness of the connected installation / confirmation of the possibility of providing distribution services and determining technical parameters, obtained from your Distribution System Operator,
  • A connection agreement: *If it is a construction site, a building permit is required, *If it is a new building – a completion document and permission to use the property.

Remember that the connection agreement must be paid for.

What documents are required for reporting data changes in the contract, tariff changes at the point of consumption, or contract assignment?

  • Information about data changes, especially assignment, should be sent to us as soon as possible, due to the deadlines we have for reporting data changes to the DSO.

When signing an assignment agreement or submitting a data change document, keep in mind that the change can take up to two months – depending on the DSO and the application process (when applying for distribution agreement on new data, the DSO has 21 days to prepare the distribution agreement, and after its conclusion, we make a report, which we also do for another +21 days).

Documents required for notification:

for assignment: Handover protocol, Document confirming the ownership of the new owner/recipient’s premises. Signed powers of attorney attached to the assignment agreement with Energa Polska (assignor and assignee).

for data changes: Signed power of attorney. In case of a change of PPE address, building number, street name – a letter from the city/municipality office about the change of street name/assignment of numbers, etc.

for tariff changes: Within the same tariff group, only written information to Energa Polska is sufficient. For a different tariff than the current one, before notifying Energa Polska of this fact, you must request from the Distribution System Operator new conditions for the given point of consumption indicating the expected tariff.

How can I make changes in the contract or account settings?

You can report the need for changes in data, tariffs, consents to us in writing, by email at, or through the Submissions tab on your account on the E-BOK platform.

What is the complaint resolution time?

We have 14 days from the date of receiving the complaint (receipt of the letter/email, phone call) to consider a complaint.