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Frequently Asked Questions

Who and how often will read the meter after changing the supplier?

Meter readings are carried out by your Distribution System Operator (remotely or by a collector). Changing the supplier does not affect the frequency of readings from the metering point.

Do I have to change the meter when switching to you?

No, meter reading data is collected and provided to us by the Distribution System Operator independently of which supplier you have a contract with.
After changing the supplier, you will receive two invoices: from us – for energy consumption, and from the Distribution System Operator – for distribution fees.

What if there is a malfunction in the installation, who will repair it? How to report a power outage?

Your Distribution System Operator is responsible for the meter installed at the point of consumption. They ensure that your network operates correctly, so any power outages or lack of energy supply should be reported to them immediately. In our company, we handle the billing for the energy consumed by you.

Where to report a power outage? Click here!

How can I provide a meter reading?

We have many solutions! You can provide us with the meter reading for settlement by: accessing your E-BOK account, where, by selecting your contract under the point of consumption, you choose “send meter reading”, sending us a Submission through E-BOK, specifying the value in the content, contacting our office via email at, or by phone, calling +48 71 715 28 94.

Does Energia Polska install bidirectional meters?

No, in our company, we handle the billing for the energy consumed and produced by you. However, the installation of a bidirectional meter and the process are carried by the local Distribution System Operator.

What documents are required to enter into a contract for a new connection? If I am building a house and want to connect it to electricity, can I sign a contract with you for the construction of a new electrical connection?

To enter into and fulfill a contract for the sale of energy for your location with a new connection, the following are required:

  • A document confirming your legal title to use the property in question (e.g., notarial deed),
  • A schematic of your installation/network connection to the OSD network (for A, B, C2x tariff applications) – Technical Data Sheet,
  • Connection conditions / declaration of readiness of the connected installation / confirmation of the possibility of providing distribution services and determining technical parameters, obtained from your Distribution System Operator,
  • A connection agreement: *If it is a construction site, a building permit is required, *If it is a new building – a completion document and permission to use the property.

Remember that the connection agreement must be paid for.

What documents are required for reporting data changes in the contract, tariff changes at the point of consumption, or contract assignment?

  • Information about data changes, especially assignment, should be sent to us as soon as possible, due to the deadlines we have for reporting data changes to the DSO.

When signing an assignment agreement or submitting a data change document, keep in mind that the change can take up to two months – depending on the DSO and the application process (when applying for distribution agreement on new data, the DSO has 21 days to prepare the distribution agreement, and after its conclusion, we make a report, which we also do for another +21 days).

Documents required for notification:

for assignment: Handover protocol, Document confirming the ownership of the new owner/recipient’s premises. Signed powers of attorney attached to the assignment agreement with Energa Polska (assignor and assignee).

for data changes: Signed power of attorney. In case of a change of PPE address, building number, street name – a letter from the city/municipality office about the change of street name/assignment of numbers, etc.

for tariff changes: Within the same tariff group, only written information to Energa Polska is sufficient. For a different tariff than the current one, before notifying Energa Polska of this fact, you must request from the Distribution System Operator new conditions for the given point of consumption indicating the expected tariff.