Our responsibility

Polska Energia for the sake of the environment and loved ones

Development of modern energy that simplifies life,
protects the environment and reduces costs.

The development of the energy sector in Poland and care for the environment are as important to us as mutual support. That is why we share Good Energy on a daily basis not only with our clients, but also with others.

18 colorful rooms
for children in hospitals all over Poland.

More than 30 students every year that gain from our experience

Countless MWh of Good Energy


Our energy comes almost 100% from renewable sources. We choose ecological solutions and help to implement also our clients.
Our mission is to share knowledge about the positive impact of energy from renewable sources and to act to increase its production
in Poland.

Pokoje Życzliwości are colorful and full of positive emotions day rooms arranged in children’s hospitals, where little patients can forget about their disease for a moment, spending time in a joyful and friendly atmosphere. The originator is the Wrocław-based Association Pozytywne.com, founded by Tomasz Żołyniak in 2007, whose idea was to promote values such as optimism, joy and kindness.

Lesław A. Paga Foundation – Academy of Energy
Every year we support the “Energy Academy” organized by the Lesław A. Paga Foundation. In 2021, the 10th edition of the educational program took place, the main goal of which is to help young people start working in the energy industry.

Apart from the involvement of representatives of Energia Polska
in the preparation and conduct of training and educational workshops, we also offer selected participants a paid, two-month internship, ensuring them the opportunity to gain work experience and a great career start.

Sponsorship of the WILKI Rzeszów basketball team
We love sports, so we want to contribute to the development of young and talented players. Energia Polska has been with WOLVES practically from the very beginning of their creation. We became the main sponsor of the club and since 2019 she has been involved in helping to organize sports events, training camps, prizes for pupils, as well as in creating costumes.

One of the unforgettable events co-organized by Energia Polska was Basket Camp 3×3 with the participation of the Olympic Team.

WILKI Rzeszów, in just a few years, has become a team consisting of over 100 pupils in 5 training groups.

We support students financially and through knowledge flow
Young people have extraordinary levels of ambition and incredible energy. We support students of the University of Economics because we believe that by creating the right conditions for learning, we help them climb to the next levels of uniqueness.

Christmas Charity Action
Christmas is a magical time to share Good Energy and joy with others. Therefore, every year, on the initiative of employees of Energia Polska, we organize a Christmas fundraiser for gifts and necessary equipment for a selected facility, association or shelter.

So far, we have been able to support the “Hanka” Orphanage
in Dębica and the Family Children’s Home in Ruda Śląska.


Customer service is our priority in action.

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