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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I receive one e-invoice to two email addresses?

No, but you can also download e-invoices from your e-bok account.

In what format are e-invoices sent?

We send e-invoices in the form of an email with a summary of the relevant information from the invoice in PDF format (to be arranged with Billing).

From what address will I receive the e-invoice?

From the address: system@energiapolska.com.pl

When will I receive the e-invoice?

You will receive the e-invoice in your email the same day it is issued, around 10pm.

Will I still receive paper invoices after ordering an e-invoice?

No. If you agree to receive an e-invoice, we will not send you paper invoices.

What are the benefits of e-invoicing?

With e-invoicing:

Convenience: no need to print and store incoming documents. E-invoices are always available in your e-bok account.

Safe: the e-invoice arrives in your account on the day it is issued, there is no fear of it being lost.

Economical: You do not have to wait for the electricity bill to reach you by post. The e-invoice goes directly to your e-mail address and appears in your e-bok. This makes it easier for you to control your expenses.

Environmentally friendly: e-invoicing saves the environment. You go paperless
and save the energy needed to produce it.



Is there a difference between an e-invoice and a paper invoice?

There is no difference between these invoices. An e-invoice is the same proof of sale as a paper invoice.

How do I pay for my e-invoice?

You can pay the e-invoice at your convenience as it contains the same information as the paper form. We recommend e-payment. It is the most convenient way to pay invoices.

Does the e-invoice receiving email include the invoice document?

We do not attach the invoice as an additional document to the message, but it contains a summary with the most important information needed to make the payment.

How will I know that an e-invoice has been issued?

You will receive an e-invoice the same day we issue it. In the message, you will also find the amount and information necessary to make the transfer.

When will I receive an e-invoice instead of a paper invoice?

Once you activate the service, your next invoice will be sent to you in electronic form. You will also find it in e-bok in the Invoices tab.

How much does it cost to set up e-invoicing?

The service is free to set up and use.

Who can use the e-invoice service?

Any customer who has a contract with our company, after indicating the e-mail address for sending the invoice.

What is e-invoice?

An e-invoice is an invoice in electronic form. It contains the same data and is the same proof of sale as a paper invoice. The e-invoice is free of charge and is a legally binding document.