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Frequently Asked Questions

Will anything change in my bills after switching the seller to your company?

Yes, changing the seller to our company means that Energia Polska Sp. z o.o. will be the invoice issuer, thus the company settling the energy consumed by you will change, and consequently, your individual payment account number will change (check the Payment section for details). After starting the contract, you will only receive invoices for the consumed energy from us, while the local Distribution System Operator will invoice distribution services.

How to activate SMS/email notifications?

Through SMS and email notifications, we remind you of: • invoice issuance, • approaching payment deadline, • unpaid payments after the deadline. You can change your notification preferences and communication path at any time on the eBOK portal. After logging in, select “List of contracts” from the panel on the left, then “Contract,” and go to the “Expressed consents” subpage. You can change the consent settings by toggling the “Yes/No” button. Changing notification preferences is also possible by email at:

Where can I find the account number for the transfer? There are two numbers indicated on the invoice or the number is not on the white list of taxpayers.

In our company, each client receives their individual account number for transfers. We indicate it on the invoice in the “Payment Details” table. This number may not be on the white list because it is a sub-account of the main account (also indicated on the invoice). In the transfer title, please provide the invoice number for which you are paying. You can also check the individual account number in your E-BOK at any time – we already provide it on the main page under the account name for quick access. Through E-BOK, you can easily pay your invoices with automatic redirection to payments.

What if I have an underpayment on my account?

You should settle the underpayment as soon as possible, as statutory interest is charged on untimely payments.

There is an overpayment on my account – how to settle it?

No worries! We will credit the overpayment towards the next billing period, so you can simply deduct it from the transfer with the next payment. If you prefer a refund, we can transfer the overpaid amount to a bank account provided by you. You will find a template of such a request in the “Documents to download” section, which you can download, complete, and send to the correspondence address of our company or by email to: You can check your account balance at any time in E-BOK. Check what else you can find there.

How to check the current balance?

Log in to your account in E-BOK. You will find a list of all your accounts and their current balances. You can also contact our Customer Service Office by email at or by phone at +48 71 715 28 94.