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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I file an overpayment claim?

If there is an overpayment in your billing account, you can tell us what to do with it. Download the application, fill it out, sign it and send it back electronically or on paper and we’ll take care of the rest. The funds will be with you quickly and securely.

You can find the overpayment refund application here:



Should I pay billing documents issued prior to the Anti-Inflation Shield?

Yes. Customers should pay the amounts due according to the billing documents received. The VAT reduction and excise duty exemption will be reflected on the billing invoices covering the periods in which the VAT is to be reduced and the excise duty abolished.

By how much will excise taxes be reduced during the Anti-Inflation Shield?

From January 1, 2022 to May 31, 2022, the excise tax will be reduced from PLN 5 to PLN 0/MWh for energy consumed by customers classified in tariff group G.

By how much will VAT be reduced during the Anti-Inflation Shield?

VAT on electricity will be reduced from 23 to 5% for the period from January 1 to July 31, 2022.

What does the Anti-Inflation Shield contain?

The Anti-Inflation Shield, along with the Shield Supplement Act, contains 4 elements that Vendors (3 elements) and municipalities (1 element) are responsible for implementing. The Vendors will address areas consisting of: – reducing VAT on electricity from 23% to 5%. This change applies to all customers – application of excise tax exemption on electricity from 5 to 0 PLN/MWh for energy consumed by a household (all G tariff groups) – implementation of alternatives to disconnection of electricity in case of debt, and introduction of a support program for vulnerable customers and people under long-term home care (due to respiratory failure). Municipalities will implement: – shield allowance activities.

How do I deactivate SMS/e-mail notifications?

You can opt-out of receiving specific or all communications by logging into your eBOK account. After logging in choose “List of agreements” from the panel on the left, then “Agreement” and go to the subpage “Expressed consents”. You can change the consent settings by toggling the “Yes/No” button. You can also change your notification preferences by emailing If you want to reactivate the notifications in the future, simply reactivate the consents.

What is the account number for the transfer? There are two indicated on the invoice, or there is no number on the taxpayer white list.

We inform you that payments must be made to the account number that is in bold on the invoice, as this is your individual account number in our system. This number is not on the white list, because it is a subaccount to the account indicated below in the explanatory text. Therefore, only the main account appears on the whitelist.

What should I do if the contract has ended and I am still getting invoices from you?

Verify what period the invoice was issued for and how long the contract lasted. If the invoiced period is the duration of our contract – it is likely that you have not received an invoice for this period, or it is an invoice correcting a previous billing. If there are still discrepancies, please report them to

I have taken out an assignment of contract for my existing meter – the property has been taken over by someone else and I am still receiving invoices for my details.What should I do?

Invoices to the new buyer will be issued from the effective date of the assignment, which is the date on which your Distribution System Operator accepts the change of customer at the point of consumption. However, the documents issued until the date of acceptance of the assignment notification will still be in the name of the previous buyer. This is due to the need to carry out the entire process of changing customers, which is time-consuming and beyond our control. The customer service office will inform both you and the other party to the cession contract of the accepted cession dates once they have been approved.

Why did I receive adjustments to my invoice?

Correction invoices are usually issued in connection with the verification of metering data received from the Distribution Network Operator, concerning the amount of electricity consumed by you. According to the Energy Law Act of 10 April 1997, the Distribution Grid Operator is responsible for reading the metering and billing systems. It is on the basis of the data provided by the operator that the seller of electricity issues invoices for the electricity sold. According to the Distribution Grid Operation and Maintenance Instruction, the data provided by the Distribution Grid Operator can be corrected even up to 15 months before the month in which the correction is made. This means that by that time the metering data, which is the basis for the settlements for the electricity sold, may be changed, and therefore it is necessary to make retroactive corrections to the VAT invoices for the settlement periods already invoiced. After this correction is made the amount of invoiced electricity should coincide with the amount of electricity resulting from the distribution invoices issued by the Distribution Grid Operator. We would like to emphasize that the time of settlement data correction is completely independent from the energy seller.

I have a projection settlement – what does that mean? How often will there be invoices?

The plan is to bill monthly for the month ahead based on declared consumption – hence monthly billing invoices for a similar amount. When we receive the reading from your Distribution System Operator (DSO), we will issue an invoice to compensate for the consumption of electricity, so that the invoiced kWh amount is consistent with the measurement and the period from the DSO. Then you may be charged a higher amount than usual or receive a billing invoice with the amount to be refunded. The overpayment means that you can offset the next billing invoice or receive the overpaid amount in your bank account.




I have a month-to-month billing plan – what does that mean? How often will the invoices be?

The plan is to bill monthly for the previous month based on declared consumption – hence monthly billing invoices for a similar amount. When we receive the reading from your Distribution System Operator (DSO), we issue an invoice to equalize your electricity consumption, so that the invoiced kWh amount is consistent with the measurement and the period from the DSO. You may then be charged a higher amount than usual, or receive a billing invoice with an amount to be refunded. The overpayment means you can offset the next billing invoice, or receive the overpaid amount in your bank account.

How many days do I have to pay my invoice?

Termin wskazany jest na fakturze. Termin płatności to 14 dni od daty wystawienia faktury.

How do I change the address to which an e-invoice is sent? How to change the shipping method from postal to email or vice versa?

Via the e-bok under “submissions”, via the helpline, or email

What if I lost/destroyed my invoice?

Invoice viewing is available 24 hours a day at the e-bok service desk. You can also obtain invoice information by phone or e-mail. If you would like to receive an invoice again, please let us know when contacting the e-bok and we will send you a duplicate invoice.

What if there is an overpayment on my account?

We will credit the resulting overpayment against payments in the next billing period. However, if you wish to have the overpayment refunded to a designated bank account, we can transfer the funds based on a written request to be sent to our company’s mailing address.

How do I check my current balance?

Log in to e-bok – you will find your balance information on the home page.

What is the bank account number and what should I put in the title of the transfer?

You will find the number on every electricity or gas invoice. You can also check it on your e-bok account. Write the number of the invoice you are paying for in the title of the transfer.

Where can I find the customer number?

The customer number can be found on the billing invoice after the symbol /K…. in the invoice number: FVE-R/K…/…/2021

Why are invoices in black and white?

In the interest of the environment, we print invoices in black and white – they are originals.