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Frequently Asked Questions

What functionalities can I find in eBOK?

The most important functions available to customers are: access to account balance, archival and current invoices, monitoring of gas and electricity consumption and payments, as well as the ability to view current data. Thanks to eBOK we ensure easy contact with the service office, as well as the possibility of changing account settings.

Why can’t I log into the ebook?

Check the correctness of your password and login, enter your phone number in the format +48XXXXXXXXX (phone number given in the Contract).  You will need your Client number to log in, it is located in the invoice number after the symbol /K…/.

Who will read the meter and how often will they read the meter after switching retailers?

The number of meter readings will not change. The same collector will appear at the same intervals.

Do I need to change the counter by switching to you?

There is no need to do this. Changing your supplier does not require you to change your meters. The electricity will be transmitted using the same cables, the meters will be read in the same way as before. You will receive a separate energy invoice. An invoice for distribution services from the distributor.

What if the installation fails, who will fix it? How to report a power failure?

The Gas Company is responsible for the safety and maintenance of your gas system. In the event of a fault, or suspected fault, call 992. The Gas Emergency Service is available on this number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In case of a failure or suspected failure, of the electricity system, call 991, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It is important to remember that if your electricity fails, it is never the responsibility of the electricity retailer, but the distributor.


How do I give a meter reading?

Via e-bok, under the tab – “submissions”,

via helpline : +48 71 715 28 94,

at the e-mail address:

What is the 60/100 offer ?

This offer consists of a fixed proportion of the purchase price of electricity for your own use to the repurchase price of the surplus electricity produced. That is, we will always buy energy from you (100% of your surplus energy) at a price covering 60% of the price you pay when you take energy from the grid. This allows you to maintain favourable business conditions, despite changes in energy prices.


How will I get information about the amount of electricity sold?

After the end of a given month each micro-installation producer will receive at the indicated e-mail address information with the amount of electricity sold to Energia Polska

What is surplus energy?

The surplus is the amount of energy that has not been used in a given hour, thus entering the power grid.

Does Energia Polska install two-way energy meters?

Ordering the meter installation and performing this process is handled by the local Distribution System Operator.

I have completed the installation of my microinstallation, what are the next steps?

At least 30 days before planned start-up of the micro-installation apply to the local Distribution System Operator (DSO) in order to complete all formalities. In the next step contact us in order to conclude the repurchase agreement.

Can I sell surplus power from RES installations?

Yes, please email or contact us via Chat on our website and indicate the source of the generation, the capacity of the installation, the start-up date/planned contract date – in order to prepare an individual offer.

What is a micro-installation?

It is a renewable energy source (RES) electricity generation installation with a total installed capacity not exceeding 50 kW.

Why didn’t I receive an e-invoice?

Check your SPAM mailbox. If you do not find there any messages with e-invoices, call our helpline to verify the correctness of the provided e-mail address: +48 71 715 28 94.

Can I receive one e-invoice to two email addresses?

No, but you can also download e-invoices from your e-bok account.

In what format are e-invoices sent?

We send e-invoices in the form of an email with a summary of the relevant information from the invoice in PDF format (to be arranged with Billing).

From what address will I receive the e-invoice?

From the address:

When will I receive the e-invoice?

You will receive the e-invoice in your email the same day it is issued, around 10pm.

Will I still receive paper invoices after ordering an e-invoice?

No. If you agree to receive an e-invoice, we will not send you paper invoices.

What are the benefits of e-invoicing?

With e-invoicing:

Convenience: no need to print and store incoming documents. E-invoices are always available in your e-bok account.

Safe: the e-invoice arrives in your account on the day it is issued, there is no fear of it being lost.

Economical: You do not have to wait for the electricity bill to reach you by post. The e-invoice goes directly to your e-mail address and appears in your e-bok. This makes it easier for you to control your expenses.

Environmentally friendly: e-invoicing saves the environment. You go paperless
and save the energy needed to produce it.



Is there a difference between an e-invoice and a paper invoice?

There is no difference between these invoices. An e-invoice is the same proof of sale as a paper invoice.

How do I pay for my e-invoice?

You can pay the e-invoice at your convenience as it contains the same information as the paper form. We recommend e-payment. It is the most convenient way to pay invoices.

Does the e-invoice receiving email include the invoice document?

We do not attach the invoice as an additional document to the message, but it contains a summary with the most important information needed to make the payment.

How will I know that an e-invoice has been issued?

You will receive an e-invoice the same day we issue it. In the message, you will also find the amount and information necessary to make the transfer.

When will I receive an e-invoice instead of a paper invoice?

Once you activate the service, your next invoice will be sent to you in electronic form. You will also find it in e-bok in the Invoices tab.

How much does it cost to set up e-invoicing?

The service is free to set up and use.

Who can use the e-invoice service?

Any customer who has a contract with our company, after indicating the e-mail address for sending the invoice.

What is e-invoice?

An e-invoice is an invoice in electronic form. It contains the same data and is the same proof of sale as a paper invoice. The e-invoice is free of charge and is a legally binding document.

Why did I receive invoices from two vendors for the same period?

Check to see if both invoices are for the sale of electricity, or if one is for the sale (from us) and the other is for the distribution of energy:

a. If one is for sale (from us) and the other is for distribution of energy, then it is correct,

b. If both invoices are for the sale of electricity, then you need to verify the contract period – with which vendor the electricity sales contract was active during that period.

Why do I get two invoices?

One invoice includes fees for the distribution of electricity and is issued by the Distribution System Operator, the other invoice includes fees for the sale of electricity and you receive it from Energia Polska.

What is the account number for the transfer? There are two indicated on the invoice, or there is no number on the taxpayer white list.

We inform you that payments must be made to the account number that is in bold on the invoice, as this is your individual account number in our system. This number is not on the white list, because it is a subaccount to the account indicated below in the explanatory text. Therefore, only the main account appears on the whitelist.

What should I do if the contract has ended and I am still getting invoices from you?

Verify what period the invoice was issued for and how long the contract lasted. If the invoiced period is the duration of our contract – it is likely that you have not received an invoice for this period, or it is an invoice correcting a previous billing. If there are still discrepancies, please report them to

I have taken out an assignment of contract for my existing meter – the property has been taken over by someone else and I am still receiving invoices for my details.What should I do?

Invoices to the new buyer will be issued from the effective date of the assignment, which is the date on which your Distribution System Operator accepts the change of customer at the point of consumption. However, the documents issued until the date of acceptance of the assignment notification will still be in the name of the previous buyer. This is due to the need to carry out the entire process of changing customers, which is time-consuming and beyond our control. The customer service office will inform both you and the other party to the cession contract of the accepted cession dates once they have been approved.

Why did I receive adjustments to my invoice?

Correction invoices are usually issued in connection with the verification of metering data received from the Distribution Network Operator, concerning the amount of electricity consumed by you. According to the Energy Law Act of 10 April 1997, the Distribution Grid Operator is responsible for reading the metering and billing systems. It is on the basis of the data provided by the operator that the seller of electricity issues invoices for the electricity sold. According to the Distribution Grid Operation and Maintenance Instruction, the data provided by the Distribution Grid Operator can be corrected even up to 15 months before the month in which the correction is made. This means that by that time the metering data, which is the basis for the settlements for the electricity sold, may be changed, and therefore it is necessary to make retroactive corrections to the VAT invoices for the settlement periods already invoiced. After this correction is made the amount of invoiced electricity should coincide with the amount of electricity resulting from the distribution invoices issued by the Distribution Grid Operator. We would like to emphasize that the time of settlement data correction is completely independent from the energy seller.

I have a projection settlement – what does that mean? How often will there be invoices?

The plan is to bill monthly for the month ahead based on declared consumption – hence monthly billing invoices for a similar amount. When we receive the reading from your Distribution System Operator (DSO), we will issue an invoice to compensate for the consumption of electricity, so that the invoiced kWh amount is consistent with the measurement and the period from the DSO. Then you may be charged a higher amount than usual or receive a billing invoice with the amount to be refunded. The overpayment means that you can offset the next billing invoice or receive the overpaid amount in your bank account.




I have a month-to-month billing plan – what does that mean? How often will the invoices be?

The plan is to bill monthly for the previous month based on declared consumption – hence monthly billing invoices for a similar amount. When we receive the reading from your Distribution System Operator (DSO), we issue an invoice to equalize your electricity consumption, so that the invoiced kWh amount is consistent with the measurement and the period from the DSO. You may then be charged a higher amount than usual, or receive a billing invoice with an amount to be refunded. The overpayment means you can offset the next billing invoice, or receive the overpaid amount in your bank account.

How many days do I have to pay my invoice?

Termin wskazany jest na fakturze. Termin płatności to 14 dni od daty wystawienia faktury.

How do I change the address to which an e-invoice is sent? How to change the shipping method from postal to email or vice versa?

Via the e-bok under “submissions”, via the helpline, or email

What if I lost/destroyed my invoice?

Invoice viewing is available 24 hours a day at the e-bok service desk. You can also obtain invoice information by phone or e-mail. If you would like to receive an invoice again, please let us know when contacting the e-bok and we will send you a duplicate invoice.

What if there is an overpayment on my account?

We will credit the resulting overpayment against payments in the next billing period. However, if you wish to have the overpayment refunded to a designated bank account, we can transfer the funds based on a written request to be sent to our company’s mailing address.

How do I check my current balance?

Log in to e-bok – you will find your balance information on the home page.

What is the bank account number and what should I put in the title of the transfer?

You will find the number on every electricity or gas invoice. You can also check it on your e-bok account. Write the number of the invoice you are paying for in the title of the transfer.

Where can I find the customer number?

The customer number can be found on the billing invoice after the symbol /K…. in the invoice number: FVE-R/K…/…/2021

Why are invoices in black and white?

In the interest of the environment, we print invoices in black and white – they are originals.

Will I pay 2 electricity bills if I sign an agreement with Energia Polska?

If you use a sales contract, you will receive two invoices: one for distribution from the DSO and another for energy sales from Energia Polska Sp. z o.o. These are two invoices, but covering a different range of charges.

I received a reserve sales agreement from you, and I did not sign any documents with you. What does this mean?

The task of the standby Seller is to ensure electricity supply to end customers in the event that the seller selected by the customers ceases to perform the sale agreement or comprehensive agreement and in the event that the provisions of the sale agreement or comprehensive agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Existing Agreement”) with the previous seller have expired.

In order to ensure continuity of supplies, the DSO shall conclude a standby sales agreement or a comprehensive agreement containing the provisions of a standby sales agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Standby Agreement”) with the Seller, in the name and on behalf of the Customer, under the conditions specified in the template Standby Agreement, according to the Price List for Standby Sales (hereinafter referred to as the “Price List”), in accordance with the Offer. The Price List and the template Reserve Agreement are available HERE. The back-up Agreement is valid from the date of cessation of the Existing Agreement and is concluded for an indefinite period of time.




What is the difference between a reseller and a distributor?

The distributor owns its own distribution network, i.e. cables, transformers, and meters that measure energy consumption. The seller is an intermediary that uses the distributor’s infrastructure and is responsible for delivering energy directly to the end-user. Since the sale of energy is not subject to restrictions, the consumer can choose the company from which he wants to purchase energy.

Can I withdrawal from the contract?

In accordance with applicable law, the possibility of withdrawal exists for the Individual Client, civil partnerships and partnerships within 14 days from the date of its signing.

How long does it take the change of supplier?

The minimum time to change the seller is 21 days – this is the deadline, because with a minimum of such advance notice we can submit your contract to the DSO. However, you should take into account the time to sign the contract, verify it and deliver the original to our company. In addition, we take into account the period of notice of your current contract so that the change of supplier does not involve any additional costs for you.


What is a standard price list?

The standard price list contains the prices set for each tariff and the trade fee. This price list is valid if the current contract period has come to an end and the Contract has not been terminated. In this way we ensure continuity of supply and do not expose you to back-up sales.

Price list can be found HERE.


What is my contractual notice period?

The termination period can be found in the General Terms and Conditions under Section 6 Term of the Agreement.

Do I need to terminate my agreement with my current vendor?

You can, but you don’t have to. If you give us power of attorney, we will terminate the contract on your behalf and handle all the paperwork.

Does the PV installation entitle me to terminate the contract without penalty?

The installation of a photovoltaic system does not entitle you to terminate a fixed-term contract with an early term at no cost.

I am building a house and want to connect power to it, can I sign a contract with you to build a new power connection?

It is possible to conclude a contract for the location where the new connection will be made – however the connection service is provided by a dedicated DSO (PGE, Tauron, Energa, Enea, Stoen Operator, etc.), so first a connection agreement must be concluded, and a Technical Data Sheet obtained. With these documents, Energia Polska will be able to execute the contract.

Will anything change in my bills after switching to Energia Polska?

After the supplier change, Energia Polska will be the issuer of the invoice, so the account number for payments will change, as well as the company conducting settlements.

How do I know what tarrif group I have?

You will find information about your current tariff group on your contract with your current supplier or on your last invoice.

Will you take care of the paperwork on my behalf?

Yes. On the basis of the power of attorney, we will change the supplier on your behalf – we will terminate the current electricity/gas supply agreement and notify you of the change of supplier. You will sign the power of attorney together with the contract.

is switching energy supplier free of charge?

Yes. There is no cost .

What documents are required to enter into an agreement for a new connection?

Required documents:

-document confirming the legal title of the Customer to use the building to which the application relates (e.g. notarial deed),

– scheme of connection of the Customer’s installation/network with the DSO network (for applications for Tariff A, B, C2x).

– technical data sheet – connection conditions, or declaration of readiness of the installation to be connected, or confirmation of the possibility to provide distribution services and specification of technical parameters

– connection agreement – If it is a construction site, a building permit is required, if it is a new building – document of acceptance and permission to use the facility.

What documents are required to change data, tariff, assignment? What are the deadlines that obligate us – when should the client let us know about the change so that it takes effect on the date requested?

The following documents are required when changing the details/cession:

Protocol of transfer and acceptance, Document confirming the ownership of the premises of the new owner/recipient. In case of change of address of PPE, building number, street name – a letter from municipality/city office about change of street name/numbering, etc.

Information about changes in data, especially about the cession, should be sent to us as soon as possible, due to the deadlines that apply when reporting data changes to the DSO.

When signing an assignment agreement or submitting a data change document, keep in mind that the change can take up to two months – depending on the DSO and the completion of the request. When applying for a UD for the new data, the DSO has 21 days to prepare the UD, and after that, we make the notification, which is also within +21 days.

Where can I make changes to my contract or account settings?

After logging into the E-BOK – changes to consents, notification of data/tariff/power changes, etc. notify via email/writing of desire to make a change.

What is the complaint processing time?

We have 14 days to investigate the complaint from the date the complaint was received (receipt of letter/email, telephone).

Why are invoices in black and white?

Invoices are originals. We print them in black and white for the sake of the environment.

Why didn’t I receive an invoice sent to my email address?

Your e-mail address probably needs to be verified.

Please check the SPAM (e-junk messages) tab on your mailbox first.
Next, please contact the hotline: +48 71 715 28 94.



Why didn’t I receive a mailed invoice?

Your e-mail address probably needs to be verified.

Please check the SPAM (e-junk messages) tab on your mailbox first.
Next, please contact the hotline: +48 71 715 28 94.