We encourage you to read the answers
to frequently asked questions:

Why didn't I receive an invoice sent by mail?

It is probably necessary to verify your e-mail address.
• Please check the SPAM (junk mail) tab in your mailbox first.
• Next, please contact our helpline: +48 71 715 28 94.

Why didn't I receive an invoice sent to my e-mail address?

Call our helpline to verify the e-mail address provided.
Check your SPAM mailbox.

Why are the invoices black and white?

Out of concern for the environment, we print black and white invoices – they are original. We encourage you to contact us by e-mail.

Why do I get two invoices?

One invoice contains charges for the distribution of electricity and is issued by the DSO (Distribution System Operator), the other invoice contains charges for the sale of electricity and you receive it from Energia Polska.

What is the time for processing a complaint?

We have 14 days to process the complaint, as of the date of acceptance of the complaint.

Why can't I log in to the online Customer Service Centre?

Check the correctness of the password and login, enter the phone number in the format +48XXXXXXXXX (phone number given in the Agreement)
In order to log in you will need the customer number, it is located in the invoice number after the symbol /K…/.

Where do I find the customer number?

The customer number is on the billing invoice after the symbol /K… in the invoice number:

What's my notice period?

The period of contract termination notice is included in the General Terms and Conditions, in Section 6. Contract duration.

What is the standard price list?

The standard price list includes the prices fixed for each tariff and the amount of the trade fee.

Please send all reclamations to the address: