Do you generate energy
from renewable sources?

We will buy it back and set it in motion!

Our offer is addressed to Producers from the Renewable Energy Sources industry. Our goal is to ensure the best possible conditions for cooperation in the field of energy purchase and its delivery to end customers.

Contact with us

    RES auctions and FIT / FIP support systems

    We provide professional support to clients after winning RES Auctions and participants of FIT / FIP support systems, including:

    1. registering the Producer’s installation on a dedicated platform at Zarządca Rozliczeń S.A.,

    2. preparing an application to cover the negative balance with Zarządca Rozliczeń S.A.

    3. taking care of the full administrative support of the process.

    Property rights

    As part of our activity, we also offer our clients the repurchase of Property Rights for electricity produced in renewable energy.

    We carry out transactions based on
    o the weighted average market price for a given month, calculated on the basis of the TGEozeA and BIO index, equivalent to the trading volume in the continuous and single trading system, thanks to which we minimize the risk and save our clients’ time.

    Guarantees and certificates of origin

    We also offer our clients a number of options related to Guarantees and Certificates of Origin, including:

    1. conducting purchase and sale transactions as part of our membership on the Polish Power Exchange,

    2. providing assistance in joining the stock exchange registers of Guarantees and Certificates of Origin of electricity,

    3. preparing a redemption of a Guarantee of Origin in order to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.


    We undertake to submit REMIT reports on behalf of the Producer for the supply of electricity. This applies to both wholesale and transactions with energy consumers.

    Reporting of planning and structural data

    We provide services related
    with preparation and sending to Distribution System Operators
    and the Transmission System Operator reports related to structural and planning data for the needs of work planning and operation of the “KSE” under the new obligations for Producers, resulting from the SOGL regulation.