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    Fixed Price

    This is our simplest product – we provide a consistently competitive unit price to match market conditions.

    With Fixed Price, you get:

    • stability and predictability of settlements,
    • a competitive price guarantee.

    Day-Ahead Market

    This is an offer for those who want to actively and safely use the advantages of dynamic settlements. Within this product the energy price is determined based on data from hourly contracts from the Day-Ahead Market of the Polish Power Exchange and adjusted to the tariff:

    1. weighted average from the RDN (C tariff),
    2. the weighted average of a given customer, based on their profile (tariff B).

    Only with us you get the possibility to change the pricing from Day-Ahead Market to Fixed Price (and back) once a year during the contract period!

    What you will gain?

    • Attractive pricing based on the individual profile of your business.
    • Flexibility in choice of billing method.


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