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Frequently Asked Questions

Why haven’t I received the invoice yet?

The issuance time of the invoice depends on your reading cycle, which you can check on the invoice for distribution services. The sales invoice is issued upon receiving measurement files from the Distributor, so if we haven’t issued it yet, we probably haven’t received the measurement data for your consumption point. If you need the invoice to be issued earlier, provide us with your own reading or send us the distribution invoice. You can do this, for example, through your account on E-BOK.

Can I change the method of sending invoices from postal to email? Can I change the address to which the e-invoice is sent?

Absolutely! To change the method of sending invoices or the target email address, just provide us with the email address to which we should send e-invoices. You can report this to us through the Reports tab on E-BOK or at the email address

Why did I receive invoices from two suppliers for the same period?

Check if both invoices are issued for the sale of electricity, or if one is for the sale (from us) and the other for the distribution of electricity:

a. If one is for the sale (from us) and the other for the distribution of electricity, then it is correct.

b. If both invoices are issued for the sale of electricity, verify the contract period – which supplier had the electricity sales agreement active during this period.

Why am I receiving two invoices?

  • First, check if both invoices are issued for the sale of electricity, and if one invoice is for the sale of electricity (from Energia Polska) and the other invoice is for its distribution, then it is correct and both invoices require payment.

Verify for which periods these invoices are issued. It may be that the invoices cover different periods, and one of them is from the previous supplier, and the other is for current consumption (usually after the supplier change process). In that case, both will be due for payment.

However, if the periods overlap and you received both invoices from us – one of these invoices may be a correction. We usually issue such a document if we receive meter updates from your Distribution System Operator.

If after verification something is still unclear, please contact us through the “Reports” tab in E-BOK or at, describe the situation, and we will look for a solution on your behalf.

My contract with your company has ended, but I still receive invoices – why?

Check when our contract expired and for which period the invoice issued by us was made. If the invoiced period matches the duration of our contract, you probably did not receive the settlement for that time earlier, or it is a corrective invoice for previous settlements. If after verification the situation remains unclear, contact us via the “Reports” tab in E-BOK or at

I have assigned the contract for my existing meter – the premises have been taken over by someone else, but I still receive invoices in my name. What should I do?

Invoices for the new buyer (assignee) will be issued from the date the assignment takes effect, i.e., the date on which the Distribution System Operator accepts the change of recipient at the point of consumption. Until the date of assignment acceptance, the documents will be issued to the previous buyer (assignor). This is because the entire process of changing the recipient requires time and involves many steps, but we fully execute this notification on your behalf. We will inform you and the assignee of the accepted assignment dates after approval by the Distribution System Operator.

Why did I receive corrections to the invoice?

Sales invoices may be corrected after updating the measurement data by the Distribution System Operator regarding the amount of consumed energy at a given point of consumption. According to the Energy Law of April 10, 1997, the distribution system operator is responsible for reading the metering systems. Based on the data provided by them, the electricity seller issues invoices for the electricity sold. According to the Distribution Network Operation and Exploitation Instructions, data transmitted by Distribution System Operators may be corrected up to 15 months preceding the month in which the correction is made. This means that until that time, the measurement data, which is the basis for billing for electricity sold, may be changed, necessitating retroactive VAT invoice corrections for invoiced settlement periods. After the correction, the amount of invoiced sold electricity should match the amount of electricity stated in the distribution invoices issued by the Distribution System Operator. The timing of data correction is entirely independent of the electricity seller, and the reason for the correction is always specified on the invoice as the “cause of the correction.”

How many days do I have to pay the invoice?

The payment deadline is visible on each invoice and complies with the provisions of your contract. Usually, it is 14 days from the date of invoice issuance.

How to change the address to which the e-invoice is sent? How to change the delivery method from postal to email, or vice versa?

Through E-BOK in the “Reports” tab, via the hotline, or email

What if I lost/damaged the invoice?

We encourage you to create an account on E-BOK – access to e-invoices is unlimited there. You can download the invoice you need at any time. If you would like to receive a duplicate via email, contact us through the “Reports” tab in E-BOK or at

Why are the invoices received by mail in black and white?

We want to be as environmentally friendly as possible, so if we print invoices, they are black and white. They are still originals, and this does not affect their correctness. Color versions of invoices are available 24/7 on your E-BOK account.