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Are you engaged in the sale of electricity?

We are a seller with 100% Polish share capital, being a leader in the energy transformation in Poland. We are looking for business partners for cooperation throughout Poland.

Check out our offer and see why it is worth working with us.

The share of fuels in our portfolio is based almost 100% on renewable energy - a significant benefit for the end customer.

We provide very good communication in the field of pre-sale and after-sale service - we help in completing contracts, we inform about the necessary documents. In addition, we guarantee the assistance of the Sales Partner Support Department.

We provide flexibility in terms of conditions to the end customer. We also have a well-organized after-sale back office.

We guarantee express communication in the field of individual valuations and quick decision-making thanks to direct contact with sales managers.

Dlaczego warto nam zaufać?


Almost as much of out energy comes from renewable sources


This much electricity we have balanced so far

We have the longest concession to trade in electricity on the market - until 2034!

This many experts from the energy industry work with us and share their knowledge

As many customers have trusted us, and their number is constantly growing!

We have cooperated and still work with 300 Sales Partners all over Poland

Do you want to join them?

Find out more about the cooperation offer by contacting our Sales Network Director – Joanną Brylińską: j.bryliń