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Company Powered by Green Energy - for you or your client

The development of responsible energy has always been a priority for Energia Polska. Good Energy at Good Price - this is our motto. Today, we take this idea even further, which is why we have created the "Company powered by green energy" program.
Running a business in an effective and responsible manner doesn't have to be difficult. Just join the group of Energia Polska customers.

Competitive advantage

73% of consumers declare that they will buy an ecological product, even if it is more expensive than others in the same category.

Promotional Package

For each client participating in the program, Energia Polska will prepare a personalized promotional package.

Motivating factor for employees

A certificate is a good way to attract and keep committed employees who care about the environment.

Guarantee of Origin Certificate

For the client who joins the program, Energia Polska will purchase a guarantee of origin certificate issued by Towarowa Giełda Energii for an appropriate volume.

A chance to attract new customers and partners

Having the "Company Powered by Green Energy" certificate will help you establish new business relationships with those for whom Responsible Entrepreneurship is important.

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